The World's Experienced Balloon Manufacturer

From 1960, TAILLOON Balloons has continuously researched and developed high-quality balloons, developing and designing a multiplicity of product types. In preserving the spirit of quality from the old rubber balloon"balloon manufacturer " we inherit-ed, and with a simultaneous determination towards reform and commitment to innovation, the private brand name rubber balloon manufacturers rubber balloon manufacturers was born. Just as in track-and-field relay races, TAILLOON Balloons has received the baton of fate.

PROLLOON is an innovative word, the conflation of Professional and Balloon. We hope that TAILLOON Balloons will continue to work hard for the balloon industry in Taiwan and the world, to research and develop, as well as to innovate, higher quality professional balloons. At the same time, we hope to establish more fun balloon products and use balloons to bring happiness to more and more